At one point between work and personal sites, I managed close to 10 different domain names. A couple years ago I decided it was time move all of the domain names I manage to one account to make my life easier.

Two of the domains I had registered before this time were with Namesecure, and it quickly became apparent that choosing them was a mistake.

One domain was transferred without problems, but getting the other domain transferred took nearly a year. Through the process of getting this domain transferred, I learned two very important lessons.

Never do business with a company that doesn’t provide phone support

When I originally registered my domain names I didn’t care that Namesecure didn’t have phone support because I figured I could take care of most things myself, and e-mail is easier to deal with anyways.

But when a problem came along, I learned the value of phone support. Had I been able to call at the first sign of a problem and speak with someone in a support department it would have probably been resolved within a week or so.

Make sure the registrar offers all of the services you want

Is it important to you to be able to manage your DNS entries yourself? Do you need e-mail forwarding? Will you need to change/add subdomains on a frequent basis or on a whim?

Make sure the company you choose will allow you to do what you need to do! Had I originally chosen a company that provided all of the features I now want to use I wouldn’t have had to transfer my domains in the first place.

My recommendation

I highly recommend Domainsite as a registrar. They give you complete access to your domain name and DNS entries though their website that works well and is easy to use. They also have very good prices for domain name registration.

When you have a problem or question, they have great support. Domainsite has their mailing address, phone number, and support e-mail address right on the top of every page on their website.

Just a note: I am not an employee of Domainsite , just a satisfied customer.