Understanding error settings in PHP

Do you understand what the different php.ini settings around error messages are and how to use them? Here's a description of some of the most important settings related to errors and how to use them effectively.

Custom Error Controller in CodeIgniter 2.0

One long-awaited feature of CodeIgniter 2.0 is using a controller for the 404 page. Unfortunately it doesn't quite work in all situations. Here's one appraoch to fix the behavior.

Modify Query String Parameters

How to modify the query string in a given url. Can be very useful when implementing pagination.

Creating iCalendar (ics) files with PHP

Trying to create an ics file using PHP? Here's one way to do it.

Simple PHP Syntax Highlighting

Looking for a simple way to share code with fellow developers on a local network? This post shows one way to do just that using PHP.

Setup Xdebug on OS X Leopard

Using Xdebug on OS X without installing a 3rd party version of Apache is possible, here's how.

Geocoding with PHP

Storing the latitude and longitude of addresses in your database speeds up the generation of map-based mashups. Here's a solution using the Yahoo! Geocoding API.

http_build_query() and arg_separator.output

If you've run into problems with PHP's http_build_query function, setting arg_separator.output may help.

Canonical redirect on IIS using PHP

Using a Windows hosting account where you don't have the ability to modify IIS configurations? Here's one method for setting up a canonical redirect.

Opera friendly PHP redirect

Having trouble getting a redirect to work in Opera? This might help.